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We assist you in making informed decisions and planning transactions in a tax-efficient manner.

Thought-out and effective plans are behind the success of every domestic and international transaction.

We support both operating and start-up companies.


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We help to plan transactions based on tax laws and other legal fields

We map the risks

We offer support in all stages of transactions

We represent you in transactions and disputes

We prepare documents and contracts related to the execution of transactions

We negotiate


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We represent you at the precontractual negotiations, in concluding the transactions and also in disputes.

Precontractual negotiations

We help you at the precontractual negotiations, so you could enter into transactions at the best terms by being at the same time aware of the rights, obligations and risks involved.

Conclusion of transactions

If for some reason the representative of your company is unable to participate in a transaction, for example while staying abroad, we will assist you in concluding, modifying and terminating transactions.

Solving disputes

We strive to help you resolve any disputes that you may have by negotiations. We offer different options to resolving the situation and help you to find the best option. If the dispute cannot be resolved otherwise, we will represent you in both judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.


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Representing in transactions

Conclusion of compromise agreements

Tax procedures, including challenge proceedings

Solving disputes and preparation of procedural documents

Compiling claims, applications and complaints

Representation in the labour dispute committee and in court

Enforcement procedures

Debt collection, reorganization and bankruptcy


Our goals


We provide personalized solutions tailored to your goals and interests for most of the legal issues.

Confidential team training enables employees to be involved in active discussions without fearing that the matter related to your company could be disclosed to third parties. Additionally, this allows employees and managers to ask questions in an open atmosphere.

You can also make your choice from among our most common training courses.


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Tax changes

Basic course on taxes

General principles of international taxation

Tax-efficient profit distribution

Tax-efficient motivation of employees

Fringe benefits (including cars, business trips, occupational health)

Recruiting employees from abroad and placing employees abroad

Flexible employment relationships and taxes

Property planning

Transactions with related parties and transfer pricing

Preparing for tax audit and communication with the tax authority



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