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Company law

We support businesses in everyday issues as well as in more complex transactions. In addition to legal aspects of the latter, we will also assess tax conseqeunces, if required.

We have helped both Estonian and foreign customers to set up, change and terminate both internal (e.g. owners, investors, employees) as well as foreign relations (e.g. suppliers, customers, cooperation partners).

In addition to consulting and training, we also support clients in drafting contracts and other documentation, negotiating and solving disputes.


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Incorporation of a private limited company, public limited company, etc.

Effective tax planning related to equity (incl. investors, capital increase and reduction)

Relationships and motivation programs between shareholders, management bodies and employees (e.g. share option, authorisation, employment and shareholders’ agreements)

Restoring negative equity

Developing rules, guidelines and instructions for your company (incl. data protection and GDPR)

Compilation of documents (e.g. contracts, letters of intent, resolutions)

Transactions with related parties (e.g. management service agreements) and cooperation partners

Tax-efficient planning of profit distribution

Recordals (e.g. changes in business name or other general company’s information, articles of association, share capital, management board, shareholders)

Preparing, conducting and recording of meetings

Solving legal problems and communication (incl. negotiations) with third parties (e.g. public authorities)

Company restructuring (e.g. acquisition, transformation, merger and division)

Termination of the company’s activities (e.g. transfer or liquidation of a company or a holding)

Solving disputes

Real estate

We advise investors, developers, owners, tenants and others in all matters relating to real estate and construction law. We assist in issues from financing real estate transactions to executing specific projects.

Good examples of projects include acquisition, division, transfer and encumbrance of real estate. You can trust our long-term experience in both transfer transactions and rental relationships. Additionally, our firm has good cooperation with notaries and real estate specialists, which enables you to run transactions quickly and smoothly.


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Tax-efficient planning and financing of real estate transactions

Property ownership planning (incl. issues related to business and private property, co-ownership and joint ownership)

Tax advisory for investors

Preparation and arrangement of real estate transactions (incl. acquisition, transfer, exchange and gift)

Sale of real estate and sale-leaseback transactions

Preparation, conclusion, modification and termination of lease and rental agreements

Real estate related securities (incl. mortgage, pledge and guarantee) and realization of collateral property

Communication with third parties (incl. public authorities, notaries and real estate specialists)

Solving disputes


We consider tax competence to be our special strength – experience in this field allows us to evaluate the tax efficiency of your transactions.

The impact of taxes can be easily underestimated, but it must be taken into account in almost all international and domestic transactions.

Based on 17 years of experience in corporate and individual taxation and tax planning issues, we assist you to plan transactions, conduct risk assessments and, if necessary, mediate communication with the tax authority to coordinate tax treatment of proposed transactions.

If required, we will keep you informed about developments in tax regulations and conduct in-house tax training according to your needs.


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Tax-efficient planning and execution of transactions

Planning of investments and funding schemes

Tax-efficient profit distribution (incl. dividends and payments from share capital)

Transactions with related parties and transfer pricing (e.g. management services and license fees)

Assessment of tax risks

Business restructuring (incl. mergers and divisions)

Taxation of real estate transactions (incl. sale, purchase, gift, rental)

Recruiting employees from abroad and placing employees abroad

Fringe benefits (incl. cars, business trips, occupational health)

Developing employee motivation programs (incl. share options)

Tax aspects of foreign business (incl. transactions with non-residents), double tax treaties and creation of a permanent establishment

Communication with the tax authority (incl. compiling inquiries and applications for binding rulings)

Consultation and representation in tax proceedings (incl. challenge proceedings and judicial proceedings)



Excellent working relationships are important to ensure the competitiveness and innovation of your company.

In addition, clear contracts and unique principles that frame the company are important.

We assist you in all stages of the employment relationship from workforce planning, recruitment, conducting and terminating employment contracts to labour disputes.


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Consulting in all matters related to labour law, from recruitment to termination of employment relationships

Mapping the internal employment process (incl. rules of work organisation and other internal regulations)

Recruitment of employees and managers (incl. precontractual negotiations and rental workforce)

Managing changes related to employees (incl. transfer of business)

Preparation, update and termination of contracts and documents

Tax-efficient motivation programs (incl. share options)

Employees’ liability (incl. proprietary liability agreement, ensuring competition and confidentially obligations)

Employee privacy and intellectual property 

Creating of a work environment (incl. occupational health and safety)

Management of cross-border labour relations (incl. taxation, visa, right of residence and residence permit)

Sending employees on business trips (incl. applying for the form A1)

Communication with authorities

Declarations of cancellation and termination of employment relationship

Solving disputes


We help you think through taxation, work and migration issues, both in expanding business abroad and in recruiting employees form abroad.

We have long-term experience in the topics of cross-border movement of employees.


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Work, taxation and migration planning and advice related to cross-border movement of employees

Applying for visa, right of residence or residence permit (incl. helping you to choose the type of documents for your specific needs) and solving disputes

Planning business trips and payment of daily allowances (incl. applying for the form A1)


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